Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


"To be a leading academic institute that aims to develop democracy
and good governance sustainably for the benefit and happiness of the people"

Legal Obligations

1. Conduct research
2. Provide education and training
3. Support the parliament?s academic work
4. Undertake dissemination and public relations
5. Promote collaboration with domestic and international organizations
6. Museum and conservation that related to King Prajadhipok
7. Administration


1. Academic research to systematically create a body of knowledge and facilitate problem- solving for development of a democratic regime og goverment.
2. Provide academic services in the form of education, academic training, advising, and counseling in the area of policies, services, information, and news concerning politics and administration, and economic and social affairs in democratic systems, good governance, and the way of peace.
3. Support the academic work of the Parliament.
4. Disseminate, publicize, and support knowledge and understadig, and exercise civic rights and duties according to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.
5. Promote collabolation between domestic and international organizations for the development of democracy, good governance, and the way of peace.
6.Promote and develop the King Prajadhipok Museum to be alearnig resource of King Prajahipok study.
7.Administrator of fund for development and dissemination of democracy and support the civil politics development fund.

Shared Values

1. Emphasize democratic philosophy as an aim and a means to maintain political neutrality
2. Respond to the needs of the nation, emphasize good governance, and produce work of international-level value for society.
3. Aim at innovative thinking at both strategic and operational levels, respect for professional ethical conduct, possession of morals, and responsibility based on a foundation of accuracy, impartiality, swiftness, and timely response to situations; aim towards effectiveness and efficiency, and place importance on sustainable learning.
4. Build good relationships with democracy development alliance networks; place importance on developing cooperation with King Prajadhipok?s Institute alumni, and focus on teamwork in organization.

Strategy Issues

1. Create and develop intellectuals to be the center of administration and democracy development.
2. Provide training and academic services effectively to be accepted by all important target groups.
3. Dissemination campaign to promote democracy development.
4. Develop and enhance democracy development networks.
5. Support academic works of Parliament and the Political Development Council.
6. Provide academic collaboration between regional networks
7. Promote and develop King Prajadhipok Museum to be a learning resource and center for disseminating result of King Prajadhipok studies.
8. Develop to be the leading administrative and sustainable learning organizati